What If Your Rabbit Died?

RIP Mrs. Rabbit

If your good old rabbit died by a pack of wolves, you or the owner will be sad. People will sometimes set up a funeral for that rabbit they deeply loved. Yes, losing your rabbit is tough to get used to, but you have to deal with it. Or if someone loses their pet rabbit because their rabbit died to a pack of wolves, they might even bury it, but you first might want to get a shoebox or something to cover your rabbit so it doesn’t rot or smell. Losing someone or something is very hard to get used to. You can always remember your pet rabbit. You can keep some photos of you and your pet rabbit playing together.


If that ever happens to you, you don’t need to cry or be sad because your pet rabbit died. You can always get a new pet rabbit! You can actually find the new rabbit more playful, friendly, and obedient then your old rabbit, or you can buy a new pet rabbit because your old one wasn’t like your new one. Your old pet rabbit can be mean, boring , and annoying. Well, if your owner’s pet rabbit died to a pack of wolves, then the owner might either bury his/her rabbit, do a funeral for the rabbit, or just buy a new one.


Pets will die someday in the future. You can buy another pet in case your first pet dies in fact it doesn’t have be a pet rabbit. It can be a pet dog, a pet cat, a pet snake, a pet fish, a pet turtle, a pet hamster, a pet crab, etc. You don’t only have ┬áto just buy a pet rabbit because your old one died, they’re are probably better animals out in the world that you can have as pets besides a pet rabbit. Just so you don’t forget about your pet rabbit, you can do some of the things you used to with your pet rabbit with your new pet. You can go to some of the places you used to go to with your pet rabbit with now your new pet. You can always flashback to the memories and the good times you had with your pet rabbit and you can still do it, it’s just that you will be going to the same places, doing same things that you used to do with your rabbit now with your new pet. Just to make sure the tragedy that happened to you wont happened to anyone else put some warning signs to let others know to not bring rabbits in this area. Even though you lost your pet rabbit, it doesn’t mean that there will be no other pet that can replace your rabbit. You can always buy a new pet rabbit or another pet so that the memories you had with your rabbit can come back to reality again. Don’t feel bad, you can always remember the good times you had with your rabbit. Thank you for your time.

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