Investing in yourself brings huge dividends when you need them. Start while you are young. Ten years later, you reap benefits.

Plumbing is something that seems to be overlooked by many people. You can be sure that plumbing is important, because when your home is built, there is always a plumber that comes in to get the fixtures and pipes and water heaters in place, so they can work well. The last thing that you want to do is have to fix your clogged toilet pipes by yourself, because you do not want to deal with your toilet by yourself. Why spend three hours fixing your pipes of your toilet, so you can save a $100 plumbing problem, when you can save those three hours of your life and truly enjoy your life doing what you want, which will guarantee you more on your money. This may not be available for you, because when you are only making $2,000/month, spending $100 to fix your toilet may not be best thing to do. You may as well invest $30 in your own plunger, so you can fix your toilet clogs, so you can save yourself the $100 that will surely come.

When finances are a problem, you may as well purchase things that will mitigate the need for a plumber. For example, get a plunger instead of hiring a plumber to clean the toilets. You may as well save yourself the problems that will come. Instead of increasing the temperature on your air conditioning unit when winter comes, you should just invest in purchasing extra blankets, mittens, and beanies, so you can deal with low temperatures instead of spending money on air conditioning when the rest of the neighborhood is using air conditioning as well. You want to have your money used to thing that will fuel your dreams.

Now, how does this relate to plumbing? In my case, when I wanted to be a plumber, I chose to invest my time and skills into learning the ways and skills of a plumber and how to build my skills as a business owner. I did not want to learn about plumbing in order to be a plumber myself. I did it so I could learn the technical aspects of a plumber when I wanted to start my own plumbing company. Do not forget; I had to start from the bottom, so I could grow my business from the ground up. I was the only employee in my company until I was able to have enough satisfied clients to warrant me hiring one person in my company. As soon as I incorporated myself, I was able to pay my employees well, so they would be inclined to stay. Soon, I was able to go to another town. Of course, for a year, it was just the two of us. Eventually, demand in that town grew so high after a year that I just hired a person in that town to care for them. The two plumbers were busier than ever in their new habitats, and they could easily go home after work.


It is a win for them, because they are able to have plenty of work to do, get paid enough to care for their families and churches, and are able to go home in their town every day, as opposed to truckers who sleep in different towns. It is a win for me, because I am able to have employees working for me while I spend my time growing my business. I am proud they are able to operate in their town and be respected by their community.

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