The Star Light Pawss

Hope this welcome post sums up our name!

Hey guys! Welcome to the Star Light Paws page. You are probably wondering who or what the heck is a Star Light Paw?

By being on our site we will provide you with awesome information on what our topic means and what the point of our sites existence means. Star Light Paws is an independent organization that is dedicated to providing people with downright awesome content. If you have not noticed yet, WE ARE PET LOVERS! We love all types of furry and faithful companions sorry to all the Aquarians out there we are only talking about dogs and cats mainly. We want to place these lovely creatures in the star light, hence Star Light Paws. We understand how much love and care it takes into actually owning one of these awesome companions and we are so obsessed that we just want to talk about these guys day in and day out non-stop! Here on Star Light Paws we will entrench you with an abundance of information on these pets that you have day to day. In further talks we will discuss how these furry friends will add so much benefit and enjoyment to your life that you won’t be able to just treat them like pets anymore you will start to treat them as friends, best friends to be exact. We will also discuss the harms of pet abuse and how that can be very detrimental to your health as an individual. We want to provide as much knowledge as we can and influence you guys to love your companions. We know that once you have a strong bond with these furry fellows that you will not only strengthen your relationship between you and your pet, you will also, in turn, strengthen the relationship with yourself and your mentality. There are already countless amounts of reasons to have a friend that has your back. We are just a site that puts light to why these cute and fuzzy individuals have blessed our lives for the better. Make sure you stay plugged and hooked on our site because we will be uploading content on top of content. Star Light Paws Is a site all about friends!

People want to know certain things about their companions like:

  • Why should I have one of these guys as a pet?
  • These four legged animals are a big responsibility and a-lot of work to deal with.
  • These animals will only cause a mess and be a nuisance to my family.

Name a reason why you shouldn’t have a dog or a cat? These guys literally have your back when nobody else does.

Of course having any type of animal would be a big responsibility, the only thing is the pros definitely out way the cons in this situation. The sheer fact is you will have way more enjoyment by having a dog and cat to play with when no one else wants to play with you.

Dogs and Cats will cause a mess and be a nuisance to your family if trained improperly. These animals are just like kids if thought good manners than they are no trouble.

We hope this was a big warm welcoming to our site and we look forward to engaging with you all!

Don’t get to sad we will keep up-to-date with awesome content! :D

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