What It Takes to Have the Dedication of a Rabbit


To have the dedication of a rabbit, you want to make sure you analyze your surroundings before you approach your target. The last thing you want to do is rush out blindly in order to chase your dreams without noticing the wolves that are lurking out in the forest, waiting to find an easy morsel. You want to be sure that you can find a way to achieve your dreams while staying away from negative naysayers and people who may be your friends, who inevitably may lead you into ruin.

Think about it like this. Let us say that you want to be rich. If you were to tell your friends how you want to be rich, guess what you would have to do. You want have to be prepared to go against a bunch of staunch faces of people who are wiser than you, who are looking to tell you how you should stay in school, so you can have a guaranteed job that will pay your income and give you a comfortable living, like a doctor.

There are many ways to live the life that you want. There are many ways to get the quality of life that you deserve, and that starts with you making the initiative to put yourself in an area of growth and development. The minute you understand there will be many wolves in front of your path, you can adequately prepare for the task ahead. Rushing ahead to chase your dreams without knowing the resistance may lead to an easy loss of morale, so you need to stay headstrong and persistent in your goals and desires. As long as you are able to find books, knowledge, and mentors and friends to assist you in your journey, life will be much easier and bearable. The thing you want to do is to have the best team of rabbits that can show you different views of the scenery. You know you do not know everything, so it is important that you can find people who can see things differently from you. Make friends with a black rabbit, a white rabbit, a brown rabbit, and a mix of rabbits. There are things that you do not know and will be able to leverage the ideas of each.

Beware that there will be rabbits that may backstab you and give the details of your plans to the wolves. Understand that they are in the risk of getting eaten by the wolves. Understand that if they are to play with the wolves, who are eager to kill them, they themselves will have no rabbits to support them. Now check this. What happens if the wolves are unable to find rabbits, because we are so clever in working as a team and avoiding them, that they are getting hungry? What do you think will happen to the rabbit that is on their team? Do you think they will starve to death, or eat their fellow wolves? Do you think they will eat the rabbit instead, even though the rabbit was helping feed the wolves?

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